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Tape a Scholarship

You may be wondering about the title of today’s post and thinking, how in the world can I tape a scholarship?

It’s simple really, by using Duck Brand Duct Tape to construct a couple’s prom outfit you can benefit in several ways. Most important, both of you can receive scholarship money for your outfit. But, you will also have a lot of fun designing and constructing coordinating outfits. You will absolutely have one-of-a-kind outfits.

For more information about this fun scholarship, check out their website, here . Winners from the last couple of years can be seen here.

So, while  you’re busy with all your other Spring Break activities, take some time for yourself. Brainstorm with your friends, and  your date if you’ve already made plans to attend, come up with a super prom outfit. Maybe I’ll see your picture next year on their website as a winner.


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