The Road to Scholarships

tips and hints for junior high & high school students planning to use scholarship monies to pay for their continuing education

Speeding to Scholarship Success

This week I’m going to share fifteen suggestions to help you reach scholarship success. They will be broken down into a series of three posts with five ideas each.

Today’s tips are:

1. Define success. What does scholarship success mean to you? Do you want enough money to pay for your entire college career before you’re a senior? Do you want to obtain the skills and attributes the larger, for seniors only, scholarships will be looking for? Do you want some scholarship money now, and to feel better about your chances of success later on? You have to set the bar. How will you know you’re succeeding if you don’t have a way to measure your success?

2. Budget your time. Your time has many demands. You need to budget how much time you’ll spend on different projects to enable you to have enough time for all of them. That’s alright, if you haven’t sacrificed scholarship time for goofing off time with your friends. While you do need some down time, you don’t want your down time to take over your life. However, it doesn’t help, if you spend all of your time studying and applying for scholarships. You will soon burn yourself out and not do well. You need to find a balance, and budgeting your time will help you do that.

3. Be organized. Be organized everywhere, not just in your scholarship or academic areas. Because ultimately everything connects and you don’t want your disorganized social life to hurt your scholarship life. This doesn’t mean every minute of your life needs to be accounted for, just organize your time, and supplies to make your life easier.

4. Keep a log book. Keep track of upcoming scholarships, and their deadlines as well as scholarships you’ve applied for with the date it was sent in. This will help you avoid missing out on a scholarship because you missed the date.

5. Invest in yourself. Remember, you are selling your skills, abilities, and talents. You want to make the ‘product’ yourself appealing to the scholarship committees. Find your weak areas and work to improve them. This can be an academic area, if you have trouble with math you take an extra class or study on your own to master math. However, it can also be a personal area, you may be uncomfortable talking in interview situations, practice or join the debate team to help build your confidence. You are the product; make yourself the best you can.

There you have five tips, Wednesday I’ll post five more tips you might not consider when improving your scholarship abilities.


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