The Road to Scholarships

tips and hints for junior high & high school students planning to use scholarship monies to pay for their continuing education

Scholarships for Helping

Today I have two long range scholarships for you. One, the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes has a rapidly approaching  deadline, April 30,2009.

To receive this award you must be nominated by an adult, who is not a family member. This can be a teacher, scout leader, or volunteer coordinator, to name a few possibilities.

According to their website, the goal is to award young people who have, “demonstrated the power of one person to make a difference to the world.” You can help make that difference, and qualify for money. Not a bad deal.

Winners  have focused on helping their communities and the people living in them, have concentrated their efforts on protecting the environment.

Guidelines, rules, for who can be nominated, can be found here.  The nomination packet for the nominator can be found here.

Since the deadline is April 30, it’s doubtful you will have time to complete a project for this scholarship this year. However, you can keep it in mind while  your working on a project for the next scholarship, Nicodemus Wilderness Project Ecologist Award .

For this award you will select from one of three environmental protection areas to develop and implement your project. Take pictures of your project in action. Once you’ve completed, all or part of your project write your essay and upload it and you photos here.

The photo essays will be posted on their website, and the winner of the $500 award will be selected after Dec. 31.

Select an area that interests you, be creative and let one project serve for at least two scholarship applications.

You now have two scholarship possibilities to add to your growing compilation of scholarships. If you’re too young for a summer job, you now have a summer activity to keep you busy as well as help you and your community.  Your project, whatever it is, will serve you well in life. Not to mention it’ll look good on all your scholarship applications, because they all ask for community involvement.


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Scholarships during Spring Break

For many of you Spring Break has begun, for others it’s just days away.  You are already enjoying plans made, or making plans for the coming days off. But, what are you doing for your scholarship quest?

Sure, take this time to relax and enjoy yourself. But, also take a few minutes each day to do something towards your scholarship quest.

Here’s a list of things you can do while enjoying your time off:

1. Read the Ayn Rand book with an essay contest for your age group. Check out their website here. Some of the deadlines are looming, you may not have time to read and write a compelling essay in the remaining time. However, you can take your time reading the book, and taking notes, so you’ll be prepared to write the essay for next year.

2. Spend some time on the internet researching scholarships to increase those you do, or will qualify to enter.

3. Write an essay for an upcoming scholarship.

4. Write an essay for a past scholarship in preparation for next year.

5. Organize your files to make it easier to find upcoming scholarships, and your accomplishment.

Now  you may not be able to do everything on this list, and you certainly can’t, and don’t need to,  do everything, every day. You do want to save some time for fun and relaxation. Just remember to keep your scholarship quest in mind while you have some time away from school

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Ethnic Scholarship Regardless of Ethnic Background

Today’s post is about an ethnic scholarship that is open to all ethnic groups.

The German Russian Heritage Scholarship found here, is open to all students, regardless of their personal heritage. It’s also available to students in middle school, high school, and college. As a bonus, each group has it’s own winner. The middle school students won’t be competing against the high school and college students.

The essay must be related to the German Russian Heritage, and there are specific topics for the students to consider.

The deadline for this scholarship contest is March 31, which doesn’t give students a long time to work on the essay. However, there is still time, and the contest can be entered again next year. Because the German Russian Heritage scholarship is available for middle school through college students, this is a good one to have on  your scholarship list.

Regardless of your ethnic background, check out the German Russian Heritage Scholarship, it may be worth money to you.

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No Essay Scholarship

A scholarship with no essay? How can that be? After all, don’t I keep telling  you to practice writing so your essays will be the best they can be? Don’t your teachers continually give out writing assignments to help you improve your writing?  I’ll bet you didn’t think there was such a thing as a scholarship that didn’t include an essay.

Will there is. There aren’t many, but there are a few. Today’s scholarship is one that does not require an essay. It requires a picture. A picture  you draw. A picture you draw that tells a story. Today’s scholarship is for a cartoon.

Not just any cartoon though.  A cartoon that “express your personal vision of peace, diversity and concern for others.” This artistic scholarship/contest is sponsored by The Liberty Museum.

The Museum’s goal is to channel the specialized art form of cartoons for a positive purpose. To help them reach that goal each year they have a specific theme. This year’s theme is: Dreams of Peace

The contest has two division, adult (age 18 and over) and student (under 18).  More information, the complete rules, and the entry form can be found here.

The deadline is March 31.

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Essay Scholarship Doing Double Duty

It’s not every day a class assignment can be converted into cash for  your college education.

The people at College Prowler offer a monthly scholarship award for the best essay.  This offer is an especially nice one, for a couple of reasons.

First, it is based solely on the essay, not need, not grades, not recommendations, just the essay they receive.

Second, the essay can be recycled. They don’t care if it was an assignment. In fact, they encourage it.

There are a few rules, which can be found here.

While there are twelve essays selected during the year, one a month, student’s may only submit one essay a year. Although, if  you don’t receive a scholarship from them this year , you are eligible to enter next year. Just not next month.

Check the essays you’ve written this year. How good do you think they are? Do you have one you think would have a chance? Double check to see it meets the qualifications and enter.   Sarah Wright, the March 2008 winner says, “apply for all of the scholarships you come across and are eligible for through websites like College Prowler, because someone has to win those scholarships.”

If you haven’t written an essay you think will win, and you know you will be writing more essays this year, you can wait. However, if you’re a senior,  you need to consider entering as soon as possible, this scholarship offer is only for high school students. Once you  graduate you will longer be eligible.

The next deadline is Feb. 28, 2009.  Other deadlines are available at the website, here.  Go, polish those essays, and good luck.

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$5000 Scholarship Deadline Approaching

Scholarship opportunities posted here are generally available to younger students as well as those heading for college next year.

However, I do often post “senior only” scholarships. This serves two purposes, the younger students can make note of any scholarships and, the requirements, to assist them as they travel along on their road to a free college education. Also, I know I have some seniors reading this blog, and they can use all the help they can find. After all, they need the money now.

This time of year it becomes more difficult to find scholarships for younger students. Again, because the seniors are needing the money ASAP, that is where foundations and organizations often focus their educational concerns.

That said, this week’s scholarship, offered by First Command Educational Foundation,  is a ‘senior-only’ opportunity. It does require a 3.0 gpa, complete an essay answering their questions, provide two letters of recommendations, one must be from a current teacher.

Additionally, they will only review the first 150 applicants they receive. Which will help the younger students, they can be gathering the information they need early and apply as soon as possible.  The applications are available  until February 25. Which means seniors need to hurry. Younger students, add this to  your list.

For all the information go to their website.

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Essay Scholarship Contest

While this blog is for middle school students and those younger high school students, sometimes the scholarships I find for younger students are also available to high school seniors. Younger students may think they don’t have a chance and not participate in those scholarships.


This is a mistake. First, there’s no way to know a younger student won’t have a better essay than an older student. Second, by entering and practicing their essay writing they will be able to hone their skills. This will increase their chances on other essay contests they enter,  actually improving their chances of receiving scholarships.


Today’s scholarship, with a deadline of December 1, is sponsored by the “Being An American organization.  The contest is open to students in grades 9 – 12, nationwide. More information can be found at their website.



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Scholarship Essay Contest

Here is another scholarship contest open to all students in high school. They must be enrolled in high school, or in taking equivalent courses if being home-schooled.

It requires a 1500-3000 word essay and has an April 1, 2008 deadline. The essay needs to be about a school account, and amusing. It must also contain at least 60 SAT words, with an accompanying list of words used with their definitions. One example of the type of story they are looking for can be found at their website, here.

It is the Word Nerd high school essay contest. Sponsored by Word Nerds, and Penguin, the publisher of the book, Confessions of a Word Nerd .
Complete information can be found at their website, here. The book contains a list of 1500 SAT vocabulary words students may use in their essays.

The book should be available at your school or town library. I If it’s not available, a single copy can be purchased here. Remember, it will take up to two weeks to receive the book.

In addition to adding to their scholarship fund, there is a $500 prize for the winning award, students will improve their vocabulary and their writing skills. In addition, students in the lower level classes, who don’t win this year, will be able to compete next year.

The winning essayist will receive $500 scholarship prize. A set of modern classics, published by Penguin publishing, co-sponsor of the scholarship contest, will also be awarded.










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Black History = Scholarship


To celebrate Black History Month (February), is offering a scholarship contest.

This is strictly an essay contest. Students need to write a 600-800 word essay about their favorite African American contributor to society. There are prominent possible subjects listed on their website:


DEADLINE: February 29,2008


GPA: Not considered


LENGTH OF ESSAY: 600-800 words

WHAT TO INCLUDE IN ESSAY: Why you chose the your person, why you feel they are valuable, include as many of their accomplishments as possible and how those accomplishments affected society.

HOW TO ENTER: Use their entry form to send your essay. DO NOT use the USPS (postal service). DO NOT email your essay as an attachment. Use their form.


AND THE WINNER IS: The winner will by March 31. Quality, uniqueness, and creativity of the content in the essay, will be the criteria, the judges consider. The winning entry will not be published, however, the winner as well as his/her school will be announced.

When you enter, write the best essay you can, and ask a teacher or parent to proof-read it for you. The essay is the ONLY thing they consider. Not your grades. Not your grade level. Not your ethnicity. Your work is what is important to them.

If, after checking out their website you still have questions, they have a form for you to use to email your questions.

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