The Road to Scholarships

tips and hints for junior high & high school students planning to use scholarship monies to pay for their continuing education

Scholarship Success Tips – Part 2

As promised in the last post here are five more tips to help you reach scholarship success. Tips to help make finding college funding easier.

  1. Multiply your skills. Academics aren’t the only things scholarship committees look for. They  want their recipients to do more than study. They want students who are involved in their communities, through sports, civic organizations, religious organizations, or extra curricular activities. Go ahead; live a little while you’re keeping up with your studies.
  2. Accept any assistance offered. Your parents and other adults in your life really do know a thing or two. Let them help you. They may know of a scholarship possibility for you. They can help you remember some of your achievements. Help from others will make your scholarship quest easier.
  3. Check out “facts” for yourself. Accepting help is great, however, don’t take someone’s word as fact until you check it out. Too many students don’t apply for grants and other assistance because they don’t think they qualify. Find out if you qualify, then apply..
  4. Always apply when you meet the requirements.. If you meet the rules and qualifications for a grant or scholarship, you should apply. Don’t decide too many other students will be applying and you don’t have a chance. The only things that will guarantee you don’t receive an award is if you don’t qualify, or you don’t apply. Naturally if you don’t qualify you won’t apply, but that’s the only reason, not because you don’t think you’ll win.
  5. Financial aid is acceptable. Free money is free money. You don’t care where it comes from, as long as there aren’t strings that will choke you attached. Don’t overlook any financial aid that is available to students in your area.

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