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Ethnic Scholarship Regardless of Ethnic Background

Today’s post is about an ethnic scholarship that is open to all ethnic groups.

The German Russian Heritage Scholarship found here, is open to all students, regardless of their personal heritage. It’s also available to students in middle school, high school, and college. As a bonus, each group has it’s own winner. The middle school students won’t be competing against the high school and college students.

The essay must be related to the German Russian Heritage, and there are specific topics for the students to consider.

The deadline for this scholarship contest is March 31, which doesn’t give students a long time to work on the essay. However, there is still time, and the contest can be entered again next year. Because the German Russian Heritage scholarship is available for middle school through college students, this is a good one to have on  your scholarship list.

Regardless of your ethnic background, check out the German Russian Heritage Scholarship, it may be worth money to you.


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Unusual Scholarships

Every time I speak about scholarships someone asks about a specific scholarship. Either it’s a student asking about a scholarship they’re sure isn’t available or a parent asking about an unique scholarship they’ve heard exists. Sometimes these scholarships exist, often they don’t, or they are extremely restricted.

For example, one mother asked me about the scholarship for red headed left handed students.  There’s no such thing, at least I haven’t found it. I haven’t even found a scholarship specifically for students with red hair. However, since many red heads are of Irish decent, they may be eligible for a “Irish Scholarship” such as this one, sponsored by the Irish American Society of County Will.  Of course to qualify for this one students must live in Manhattan.

As for a scholarship for southpaws, yes there is one. However, the left-handed student must be enrolled in Juniata College in Huntington, PA. Now, if you plan to attend Juniata College, and are left-handed, this is a good scholarship for you to add to your list. However, for the rest of you lefties, sorry you don’t qualify for a scholarship based on which hand you write with.
Students, may often ask about unusual scholarships for their own reasons. For example, earlier this month when talking to students living in a large town they asked about skateboarding scholarships.  Yes, as a matter of fact there is a scholarship for skateboarders, sponsored by the Patrick Kerr Foundation Skateboard Scholarship Fun.

You can see knowing about the unusual scholarships can be beneficial to you, IF you qualify. However, there aren’t enough of them to limit your scholarship searches to those unique scholarship opportunities. Just keep your eyes open for them as you compile your scholarships for the future. Apply for the unusual ones as well as the more common.

Some of the more unusual scholarships, with links or web addresses  can be found here.

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