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Scholarship Searches Include Ethnic Scholarships

How are you looking for scholarships? Are you using every venue available? Are  you using every possibility?

One scholarship possibility many students neglect is the ethnic scholarship. You probably know there are scholarships available for certain ethnic groups. Most people know there are scholarships available for the African American or American Indian. But did you know there are scholarships available for many different ethnic backgrounds?

There are scholarships for students desendents of several nationalities.  Generally these one  requirement is that  the applicant actually be the nationality sponsoring the scholarship.

Occasionally, as in the previous post for the German Russian scholarship, the blood line is not important. Finding these scholarships may be a bit tricky.

A scholarship search engine, (several can be found here) often asks about nationality, and will find those scholarships. Another option is to google for specific nationality scholarships. Networking will often find you these scholarships.

As you compile your available scholarship list, don’t forget the ethnic possibility. Remember, the more scholarships you  have to pay for college, the less out of pocket expense you’ll have. If you have an ethnic background, take advantage of it.


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