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Scholarships for Helping

Today I have two long range scholarships for you. One, the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes has a rapidly approaching  deadline, April 30,2009.

To receive this award you must be nominated by an adult, who is not a family member. This can be a teacher, scout leader, or volunteer coordinator, to name a few possibilities.

According to their website, the goal is to award young people who have, “demonstrated the power of one person to make a difference to the world.” You can help make that difference, and qualify for money. Not a bad deal.

Winners  have focused on helping their communities and the people living in them, have concentrated their efforts on protecting the environment.

Guidelines, rules, for who can be nominated, can be found here.  The nomination packet for the nominator can be found here.

Since the deadline is April 30, it’s doubtful you will have time to complete a project for this scholarship this year. However, you can keep it in mind while  your working on a project for the next scholarship, Nicodemus Wilderness Project Ecologist Award .

For this award you will select from one of three environmental protection areas to develop and implement your project. Take pictures of your project in action. Once you’ve completed, all or part of your project write your essay and upload it and you photos here.

The photo essays will be posted on their website, and the winner of the $500 award will be selected after Dec. 31.

Select an area that interests you, be creative and let one project serve for at least two scholarship applications.

You now have two scholarship possibilities to add to your growing compilation of scholarships. If you’re too young for a summer job, you now have a summer activity to keep you busy as well as help you and your community.  Your project, whatever it is, will serve you well in life. Not to mention it’ll look good on all your scholarship applications, because they all ask for community involvement.


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